Computers are amazing tools, but they do need some specific service so they can keep doing their work. If your desktop or laptop computer is not quite acting the way it should, we come to the rescue to troubleshoot a range of issues, including problems with software and hardware. We also provide support for Windows and Mac operating systems. And that’s just for starters. We offer full-service computer repair and support.

We also realize the level of stress and lost productivity that can result from uncooperative computers. No matter what type of computer woe you are facing, we are ready to help get you back to full productivity.

EMH Logix Computer Repair provides fast and reliable computer service in Los Angels. We’ll quickly diagnose your computer’s problem and begin working on it. We aim to get your computer back to operating at its full potential. We are able to provide many of our customers with same-day service.

Our computer repair and support service includes the diagnosis and troubleshooting of a single issue.

Depending on the services you need, we may be able to provide you with instant support though EMH Logix Now! online assistance. An agent will create a secure connection to your computer and troubleshoot the issue.

Our computer repair and support service starts at $39.99.